SOOCAS W3 Portable Dental Water Flosser Electric for Xiaomi Mijia Oral Irrigator Rechargeable Waterproof Water Toothpick Cleaner


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SOOCAS W3 Portable Dental Water Flosser Electric Oral Hygiene Irrigator Rechargeable Waterproof Teeth Tooth Mouth Cleaner Xiaomi

Main features:
● powerful pulse water: clean teeth efficiently and gently
● convenient big water tank: avoid secondly add water when using.
● stable voltage control system: maintain high cleaning performance.
● 3 cleaning modes: meet various oral conditons

● Product name:SOOCAS W3 portable oral irrigator
● Suitable user: above 13 years old
● Charging method: USB charging
● Charging voltage:5V
● Charging time:4-6 H
● Full battery can be used for:30 days(1 time each day,1 min each time)
● Battery capacity:2200mAh lithium battery
● Cleaning mode: 3-mode (gentle/standard/pulse massage)
● Material: FDA certificated ABS nozzle + food-grade PC body
● Waterproof grade:IPX7
● Noise value:≤75dB
● Dimension: 73.3*45.6 *274mm(with nozzle)
● Net weight:275g(with nozzle)
● Water tank capacity:230ml

​Warm tips:

● If you want to use with water, mouthwash or anti-bacterial rinses, follow the suggestions of your dentist or hygienist.

● Don’t face to your eyes when you turn on the Water Flosser.

3 Flow Mode | 0.66mm Water flow | USB chargin

IPX7 water proof | 230 water tank

4 different nozzles:

there are 4 types of nozzles meet your different needs:

● standard nozzle

● orthodontic nozzle

● tongue scrapping nozzle

● oral pocket nozzle

Stable water flow Design

Dental health care:

● SOOCAS W3 power flosser water jet delivers water pressure from 30-130 psi with 1400 pulses per minute.

● powerful pulse water, even the power is lower, it still can keep stable water flow to make sure maintain high cleaning performance.

● Deeply cleaning every corner precisely, Brings you oral health and fresh breath.

3 cleaning modes :

● Normal(Standard mode),

● Soft(Gentle mode)

● Pulse(Massage mode)

with LED light indication to suit different conditions of teeth and gums, please refer to the picture to adjust the mode

IPX7 waterproof

allow to be used at bath and shower, don’t worry about getting damp in bathroom

High volume water tank

The detachable 230mL water tank with anti-slip design offers about 60 seconds water flows, enough for you to get through your whole mouth cleaning routine.

the package include:

● Oral Irrigator Handle x 1

● standard nozzle x 1 (1-8 optional)

● orthodontic nozzle x 1 (optional)

● tongue scrapping jet x 1 (optional)

● oral pocket nozzle x 1 (optional)

● Tongue Scraper x 1

● USB Charging Cable x 1

● User Manual x 1

How to use it?

1. Install the nozzle,and you will hear a “click” sound.

2. Filled with clean water.

3. Choose suitable mode,if you are new user,or your gum is sensitive,we advice you choose second “gentle”mode.

4. Prepare a box to Storage water,lean your body forward ,put the nozzle into your mouth,keep your mouth closed, to avoid water splash.

5. Switch on oral irrigator, align to teeth or teeth gap,wash teeth about 1 minute.(it will switch off automatically after 2 minutes)

Q: Why side water leakage happens?

A: When you hold it horizontally or aslant,slight side leakage is normal,please do not worry.

Because there is a venting hole on the top of water tank,when engine pumping water, water level decrease , it forms a negative pressure in the tank,water can’t be pumped up if there is no venting hole.All oral irrigators have same venting hole design,and slight water leakage.

We advice you hold it upright to avoid water leakage.

Additional information

Brand Name



Electric Oral Irrigator, Water Flosser

Commodity Quality Certification

3C, ce

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Model Number

SOOCAS W3 water flosser

Item Type

Oral Irrigator

Age Group



Portable Oral Irrigator

Feature 1

Electric Oral Irrigator

Water Tank Capacity


3 Cleaning mode


oral irrigator

oral irrigator dental

oral irrigador

rechargebale oral irrigator


FDA certificated ABS nozzle + food-grade PC body

fit for

Birthday Gift


tongue scrapping nozzle / oral pocket nozzle


standard nozzle / orthodontic nozzle

Noise value


Charging method

USB charging

irrigator dental

irrigator Hygiene

water nozzles

portable water nozzles

Charging time

4-6 H

Charging voltage


water flossers

rechargebale water flosser

Battery capacity

2200mAh lithium battery


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