Poly Nails Gel Finger Extension Art Manicure Acryl Gel Varnish UV LED

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Introducing our Poly Nails Gel Finger Extension Art Manicure Acryl Gel Varnish, a revolutionary product that allows you to create stunning and long-lasting nail extensions right at home.

Crafted with precision and quality, this Poly Nails Gel is a versatile and user-friendly solution for achieving salon-quality manicures. It is designed to provide a durable and flexible extension to your natural nails, allowing you to create various nail art designs and lengthen your nails effortlessly.

The Poly Nails Gel is easy to apply, making it suitable for both professional nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts. It comes in a convenient tube or container, allowing for precise application and reducing wastage. The gel formula is lightweight and self-leveling, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish.

With its high-quality ingredients, the Poly Nails Gel offers excellent adhesion and strength. It is resistant to chipping and peeling, providing a long-lasting and durable manicure. The gel also offers flexibility, which helps prevent breakage and allows for comfortable wear.

This Acryl Gel Varnish is a versatile product that can be used for various nail extension techniques, including sculpting, tipping, or overlaying natural nails. It can be shaped, filed, and buffed to achieve your desired nail length and shape. The gel can be cured using an LED or UV lamp, ensuring a quick and efficient drying process.

The Poly Nails Gel is available in a range of beautiful colors and finishes, allowing you to unleash your creativity and create unique nail art designs. Whether you prefer a classic French manicure, bold and vibrant colors, or intricate nail art, this gel provides endless possibilities.

Experience the convenience and beauty of professional-looking nail extensions with our Poly Nails Gel Finger Extension Art Manicure Acryl Gel Varnish. Elevate your nail game and enjoy gorgeous, salon-quality nails from the comfort of your own home.

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Product description: NEW Arrival 30ml Poly nail Gel Finger Extension Crystal Poly nail Gel Nail Gel UV LED 6 Colors gel lacquer

Soak-Off UV Gel Polish

30ml / 1.0fl oz

-The Quality is our 1st priority.

-Light, almost no smell (only top coat and foundation have moderate smell), we apply only organic texture to protect your health.

-The color will keep shine up to 30 days.

-Hotting colors optional, suitable for all occasions.

Step by Step:

1.Use the nail file to shape you nail surface.

2.Apply the base coat.Cure by UV/LED lamp.

3.Use suitable shape of the nail.

4.Apply adequate amount of the poly nail gel on the nail plate model.

5.Apply the crystal gel averagely on the nail model with brush.

6.Put the poly to your nail.Cure by UV/LED lamp.

7.Remove the nail plate model after dry,extend a molding.

8.Apply the top coat.Cure by UV/LED lamp.



To Remove:

-1. Soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes,

-2. Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail.


Net Weight: 30ml / 1.0fl oz

Additional information

Weight 0.040 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm
Brand Name




Item Type

Nail Gel




UV Gel, Poly Nail Gel

Model Number







Eco-friendly, health



Soak off



Easy to handle

All colors in stock


Lasting time

30 days


Top Base Gel


Finger Extension

20 reviews for Poly Nails Gel Finger Extension Art Manicure Acryl Gel Varnish UV LED

  1. m***a

    The goods arrived in a month. Delivered the courier right home. Took a video where I tested the product and compared it with another. Please, do not forget to subscribe, see other products for manicure on my channel.

  2. O***a

    It came in 2 months, the product was satisfied, everything was hermetically

  3. ***

    For a month it came, thank you very much to the seller for a good item and sending

  4. AliExpress Shopper

    The package went a little more than a month. I didn’t talk to the seller. The product corresponds to the description. I haven’t tried it yet. Then I’ll add the review.

  5. L***a

    As always perfect!!! Delivery 3 weeks Nizhny Novgorod, tubes full, respect to the seller…

  6. AliExpress Shopper

    I took the Opal tone, it’s like Milky, I like to do the baby boomer.
    I haven’t tried it yet, now I’ll prove it.
    They bring poquita quantity but it’s OK for the price.
    I’ll put in more comments when I use it.

  7. T***

    Polegel is super. To the Kitty is not sticky, to finish easily розрівнювати, three soft windows born pretty. On one hand, the middle of the night, and on the other. I’ll turn the yak around and show myself the chasem, ale Perche is a liar. Milk coloura, don’t use it and it’s a little bit of a timid. I recommend definitely!!!

  8. M***y

    perfect !!!!! i love it
    thank you!!!

  9. C***a

    de tres tubos que pedí, el blanco venía abierto pero lo pese y no se ha vaciado. los envases pesan entre 39 y 41 gramos. Aún no he podido probarlo

  10. E***a

    In the case did not try, looks decent))) later I will add a review and photo)

  11. I***a

    The gel is very good, it’s nice to work with it, like plasticine, it does not leak well

  12. K***a

    In the case did not try, but the consistency is average. Not thick and not liquid. I think it will be fine

  13. M***a

    I didn’t like it. Hard to peel, liquid. I’m used to Plasticine, and this one is very soft. I will not buy more (

  14. S***a

    The goods are ishov bialshe city. Priyshov in a good station, the night is not vitiklo. Colir trophies рижуватий. Yak on me, Duge Ridky yak for poligel, I took Yogo Z potibno potibno Bude donarostiti 1-3mm of the village edge of the ABO, in the process розтікається розтікається in the bottom and do not want trimati shape, yak Vizma menchet ridini for the wicketing Duge lipna. I will be shukati bielsh tugorny material, Bo in the summer little acrylic itself (. Before the inched night list.

  15. R***o

    Gel for nail extensions. That’s it. Shipping to NSO 1,5 month. As a wife will try, if I do not forget, I will complement the review.

  16. O***a

    Class polygels. Sent fast. It came for a month in Krasnodar. thanks to the seller great.

  17. O***a

    In the Kemerovo region made an order of 22.09, received 26.10. Polygel is sealed, the consistency is dense. In the case until I used, I never used anything like this, I ordered it according to reviews.

  18. A***a

    OK, ALL is fine :-). Huge minus the postage which szła 1,5. Zrobiłam at this time other shopping via monitorowaną and in 2 weeks were U me, AND here 1,5 month. I prefer dopłacać pare zlotych for delivery monitorowanej and know that goods bedzie U me very quickly, but unfortunately this shop has a space cost of such delivery Goods good, colors varnish OK. Very well protected goods in shipment. RECOMMEND SALESMAN

  19. I***a

    From polygel I’m delighted, increased long claws, polygel used as a substrate on the tip of the nail, top Opal gel from the bottle Rosalind
    Unpacking, extensions look at my YouTube Channel/YouTube channel: inusia tim_nails
    YouTube /Instagram /VK: inusia supplier

  20. Y***a

    I’m finally here! I couldn’t follow up but I kept in touch with the seller, he was very attentive. Thank you seller

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