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Introducing the 2D Map Navigation & Memory Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a cutting-edge cleaning solution that combines advanced technology with convenience. This robot vacuum cleaner is designed to effortlessly navigate and clean your home, providing you with a pristine living environment with minimal effort.

Equipped with 2D map navigation capabilities, this vacuum cleaner utilizes advanced sensors and mapping technology to create an accurate and detailed map of your home.

This allows the robot to efficiently navigate through different rooms and areas, ensuring comprehensive and systematic cleaning. It can easily detect and avoid obstacles, such as furniture and stairs, to prevent collisions and accidents.

With its memory function, this robot vacuum cleaner can store multiple maps of your home. This means that it can remember the layout and cleaning preferences for different floors or areas, allowing for customized cleaning routines. You can conveniently set up specific cleaning schedules and areas for the robot to focus on, ensuring that every inch of your home is thoroughly cleaned according to your preferences.

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with powerful suction capabilities, effectively capturing dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris from various floor surfaces, including carpets, hardwood, and tiles. It is designed to provide deep cleaning and a thorough removal of allergens and particles, contributing to a healthier and cleaner living environment.

With its user-friendly interface and smart controls, this robot vacuum cleaner offers convenience and ease of use. You can control the vacuum cleaner remotely through a mobile app, allowing you to start or stop cleaning, set schedules, and customize cleaning settings from anywhere. Some models even support voice control, enabling you to control the vacuum cleaner with simple voice commands.

The 2D Map Navigation & Memory Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not only efficient in cleaning your home, but it also saves you time and effort. It takes care of your cleaning tasks while you focus on other activities or simply relax.

With its advanced features and intelligent navigation, this robot vacuum cleaner is a valuable addition to any household, providing you with a clean and comfortable living space without the hassle of manual cleaning.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the 2D Map Navigation & Memory Robot Vacuum Cleaner and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your home. Sit back, relax, and let this intelligent cleaning assistant take care of the hard work for you, leaving your floors spotless and your home refreshed.

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Product item: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Map Navigation,WiFi App,4000Pa Suction,Smart Memory,Electric WaterTank,Wet Mopping,Disinfect

Product name: 2D Map Navigation & Memory Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Model No.: C30B

Special Features:

1. The robot can detect the entire environment around and then build up the map inside the CPU so that it do cleaning with plan from one room after another.

2. The robot is with memory to know where has cleaned while where hasn’t thus one-time sweeping coverage is more than 98%. The cleaning path repetition rate is about 1%.

3. Humanized design with voice reminder. The robot will remind you when charging, starts to do cleaning, full of dustbin or glitch,etc.

4. High efficient cleaning: the suction power is pretty strong. The design of primary filter combining with HEPA filter avoids the secondary air pollution. Besides, The suction power is adjustable so that we could choose a quieter mode.

5. WiFi app control,the WiFi connection is extremely swift, the app can show real time working route of the robot.

6. Electric control water tank ensures even water seepage. The water seepage stops automatically if robot stops working. The huge water volume of 350ml ensures continous wet mopping up to 100 minutes.

7. The design of interchangeable dustbin and water tank makes robot work more effectively and clean more thoroughly.

8. Modulized design is convenient for end users to maintain the robots by themselves.

9. Fully enclosed body design ensures that the dust can not enter into the mainboard, preventing the mainboard from being corroded.


1. Smart Memory: Extremely low cleaning missing rate & high coverage rate.

2. Intelligent to sense different environment floors and adjust its direction within 10ms

3. Apply to different floors: low/hard carpet within height of 1cm, hardwood, ceramic tiles for home, hotel room and office.

4. Twining proof design of central roller prevents being entangled by wires.

5. Anti-fall system to detect stairs to avoid falling.

6. One-time cleaning lasts 100 minutes to finish a house within size 170-220 square meters.

7. Adjustable suction power to make a lower noise.

8. Powerful suction: at Max.mode, the suction power reaches 4000pa, the data comes from the test results of the Liectroux German Laboratory.

9. You can add a small amount of disinfectant into the water tank to disinfect the floor and carpet, disinfectant is not included in the package.


Material: ABS

Voltage: 14.4V

Power: 28W

Operating temperature: -10℃-45℃

Input voltage/current: 19V/0.6A

Dimension: D330*H74MM

Net weight: 2.7KG

Battery: 2500mAh Li-ion Battery

Dustbin capacity: 0.6L

Water tank capacity: 0.35L

What’s in the box?

Main body X1

Charging station X1

Remote controller X1(Batteries not included)

AC adapter X1

Dust bin X1, Electric water tank X1

Cleaning brush X1

Extra side Brush X2

Extra HEPA filter X1

Extra mop X1

User manual X1


1. The power plug is EU type, that is two pin, round shape, with AC 100-240V input voltage, and 50/60HZ frequency.

If you are buyer from Australia, New Zealand etc. countries which use Australian type plug, we will send an EU to Australian plug adapter for each piece of robot together with the package.

If you are buyer from United States, Canada etc, countries which use American type plug, we will send an EU to American plug adapter for each piece of robot together with the package. (If you choose shipping from United States, the plug is American type, that is two pin, flat shape.)

If you are buyer from United Kindom, Malaysia, Singapore etc. countries which use British type plug, we will send an EU to British plug adapter for each piece of robot together with the package.

2. Manual languages: for paper printed manual, it is combination of English, Russian,German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. Also, you can download more languages’ e-manuals from Liectroux official website, such as Vietnamese, Polish, Turkish etc.

3. The parcel will come with no batteries for remote control, buyer needs to buy batteries for remote control at buyer’s local market.

Please confirm that you can accept above before you buy.


Additional information

Weight 5.500 kg
Dimensions 58 × 14 × 40 cm
Brand Name




Power (W)


Voltage (V)



Wet And Dry

Dust Box Capacity (L)

0.6-1 L

Dust Storage Type

Dust Box

Battery Life

1 hour and 40 minutes


EMC, ce, RoHS, GS, CB

Bag Or Bagless




Timing Reservation






Remote Control


Special Suction Nozzle

Multifunctional Combined Brush

Filter Type


Model Number

LIECTROUX C30B( Upgrade)

Turbo Brush


Cord Length (m)


Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Controller Type

Voice, WiFi App, Remote Control

2D map shown on app


Intelligent water tank capacity


Strong Suction Power



2D Map & Gyroscope



Battery capacity

2500mAH Lithium-ion

Central brush


Smart memory




Smart wet mopping


Brushless Motor


Cleaning modes

Planning/Single room/Fixed point/Border/Mop


2020 Upgrade C30B

20 reviews for Robot Vacuum Cleaner Map Navigation Wet Mopping

  1. M***a

    Perfect, I’m very happy. The order has arrived super fast. Thank you

  2. R***z

    It works perfectly, very quiet and powerful. Connected to the wifi in a moment, the only thing that would have to explain somewhere that to put it in connection mode must be press the ignition button twice in a row.

  3. n***o

    Super fast shipping and very well packed, now you need to try it

  4. AliExpress Shopper

    Very happy with the robot, you ‘ve asked me for the whole house. It always brings out lint. Scrubbing also goes well I give you the approved

  5. a***o

    No funciona bien se bloquea una rueda, da error y se para. Estoy intentando hablar con el vendedor para que me lo cambie pero por ahora no hay respuesta. Si no me dice nada haré la devolución del producto

  6. O***y

    Hello. I finally have vacuum cleaner in my house. He had problems with customs, but he had a good time. Envi os en Canarias has aveses problema. I have to prove how it works then left comments. But thank you very much to Aliexpres and seller. I recommend everyone.

  7. H***t

    Very good device. Arrive well packs. Works very well. However impossible to operate the wifi by following the letter the instructions.

  8. AliExpress Shopper

    I’m very happy with quickly delivery to my door. Shipping time about 2-3 working days. Good quality package. It is second my robot Cleaner but in another home. Recomended this product and seller. Thanks.

  9. AliExpress Shopper

    Very happy with the purchase, in its first use it worked perfectly. Very quiet, quite more than my old robot. The very easy WiFi connection process is also connected to Google home. The tank is very easy to clean, and the roller is easily dismantled to clean it. I was afraid my dog’s hair would get rolled on the roller, but no, he’s gone almost completely to the warehouse. Very little is left on the roller. I have received it in only two days in Spain. Very well packed.

  10. G***e

    Esu patenkinta, užlipa ant storesnio kilimo, neišsiurbia tobulai kilimo, bet smulkesnius nešvarumus susiurbia, grindis auna labai drėgnai, bet kai išdžiūna atrodo gerai, nepalieka dryžių no social insurance debt. 45kv/m išsiurbė vienu pakrovimu, robotas rado namus iškarto, palindo ir išvalė po standartine ikea tv spintele, ipakavimas buvo 2 dėžėse, idėjo ir atsarginių dalių, appsas patogus valdyti.

  11. a***v

    It came in two boxes. At the first start, I collected decent debris (although they were removed before that) to Wi-Fi connected without problems.

  12. A***o

    Happened very quickly. Not Tested

  13. J***e

    Super bystraja dostavka and Polsy v Litvu. Poka vsio vygliadit horoso. Kak proveriu dopolniu otzyv.

  14. a***r

    You’re beautiful! Tze Duge corisna purchase. Jo Wai-feu Chomu so and підключається, ale on accurate access to 3 mobile danich pratsuya on Hurray.
    Kupuite. Not пошкодуєте

  15. c***s

    The robot fits perfectly to what is described in the article. It works very well with that ease of control through command and the app itself. It’s arrived in two days!

  16. B***v

    perfect robot for the money, very silend, good vacuuming and mopping. fast shipping.

  17. R***r

    Very satisfied with the purchase, unexpectedly quickly, brought to the house!

  18. F***k

    Super fast delivering! I’m satisfied

  19. D***s

    Super super happy, arrived in time super fast 3 days, thank you seller

  20. B***a

    Very fast delivery 4 days. Configuration also and very simple. Will make today the first general cleaning after give more feedback.

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