A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving and Maintaining the Perfect Shag Haircut

The Shag Haircut: A Timeless Style

A Blast From the Past: The Popularity of Shag Haircuts in the 70s

The shag haircut is a timeless style that has been around for decades. It first became popular in the 1970s, when rock and roll bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones helped make it a popular trend.

At the time, it was seen as a rebellious and edgy hairstyle that went against traditional beauty standards. The shag was also popularized by celebrities like Jane Fonda and Farrah Fawcett, who rocked the style on screen and off.

Their iconic haircuts inspired millions of women to try out this new and exciting look for themselves. Today, the shag haircut remains just as popular as ever, with modern-day celebrities like Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung sporting their own updated versions of this classic style.

What is a Shag Haircut?

A shag haircut is characterized by its layers, texture, and movement. Typically worn at shoulder-length or shorter, it’s a versatile cut that can be customized to suit different face shapes and hair types.

shag haircuts

The layers in a shag are designed to add volume and dimension to the hair while creating natural-looking waves or curls. One of the reasons why the shag remains so popular today is because it’s such an adaptable style.

Whether you have straight hair or curly locks, there’s a shag haircut out there that will work for you. Plus, because it’s such an effortless look, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to try something new without having to spend hours styling their hair every day.

The Basics of a Shag Haircut

Layers and Length: How to Achieve the Perfect Balance

When it comes to achieving the perfect shag haircut, layers and length are key components. The ideal shag should have many layers throughout the hair, starting from the crown and cascading down to the ends. This will provide volume and texture, giving you that effortless, cool-girl look.

The length of your shag is also important. While some may opt for a shorter cut, others may want their hair to fall just below their shoulders for a longer look.

It’s important to strike a balance between layering and length that suits your face shape and personal style. Be sure to communicate with your stylist about what you envision for your shag haircut so they can tailor it specifically to your preferences.

Face Shape Considerations: Which Face Shapes Suit a Shag Haircut Best

One of the great things about the shag haircut is that it can work well with many different face shapes. Those with oval or heart-shaped faces tend to be able to pull off this look particularly well, as it helps emphasize their cheekbones and jawline.

However, those with round or square faces may want to be more careful when opting for a shag haircut. To avoid making your face appear even more round or square-shaped, try going for longer layers around your face instead of shorter ones.

Styling Tips: How to Style Your Shag for Different Occasions

One of the best things about having a shag haircut is how versatile it can be in terms of styling options. For an everyday casual look, try air-drying your hair after washing it with some texturizing spray.

This will give you that messy but chic vibe that pairs well with any outfit. For more formal occasions, consider using some hot tools to style your shag.

You can add some waves or curls for an elegant touch, or straighten your hair for a sleek and polished look. With the right products and techniques, your shag can be styled to fit any occasion.

Variations of the Shag Haircut

1. Choppy shags: how to achieve an edgier look

Choppy shags

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add some edge to your look, a choppy shag may be the way to go. This style features uneven layers that are more exaggerated than in a traditional shag.

To achieve this look, tell your stylist to use thinning shears or a razor for more texture and movement. To really make this style pop, consider adding some bold highlights or lowlights.

Dark roots with lighter ends can create a dramatic effect that complements the choppy layers. For styling, use a texturizing spray or pomade to enhance the texture and messiness of the cut.

2. Curly shags: tips for curly-haired individuals who want a shag

Curly shags

Yes, even those with curly hair can rock a shag! In fact, curly hair can add even more volume and dimension to this already textured cut. When getting your hair cut into a shag, make sure you communicate with your stylist about how much curl you want to maintain.

You don’t want too much length taken off that could cause unwanted frizz. To style curly hair in a shag cut, it’s crucial to use products catered towards curls.

A leave-in conditioner or curl enhancer can help define your curls without weighing them down. For added volume at the crown of your head, flip your head upside down while drying with a diffuser attachment on low heat.

3. Long vs short: pros and cons of each length

One of the great things about the shag haircut is its versatility in length. Here are some pros and cons for both long and short shags:

Long Shags:

– Pros: More room for layering which creates added texture; easier to pull back into a ponytail or bun for versatility; can be styled in waves or curls for extra drama.

– Cons: Requires more maintenance to keep layers from looking overgrown; can feel heavy and weighed down if too many layers are added.

Short Shags:

– Pros: Low maintenance and easy to style; adds volume and dimension to fine hair types; great for warmer weather when you don’t want long hair sticking to your neck.

– Cons: Limited styling options compared to longer shags; may not suit all face shapes, especially those with round faces.

Shag Haircut Ideas

Celebrities Who Rocked the Shag Haircut

The shag haircut first rose to popularity in the 1970s. At that time, it was considered a rebellious and edgy hairstyle, and many iconic celebrities of that era sported the look with confidence.

One of the most famous examples is Jane Fonda, who rocked a layered shag for her role in “Klute.” Her haircut became so popular that women all over America were requesting “the Klute” at their local salons.

Jane Fonda klute haircut

Another celebrity who popularized the shag was Farrah Fawcett. Her feathered layers and flipped ends inspired countless imitations, and her hairstyle became synonymous with glamour and sex appeal. The “Farrah Fawcett” look was so popular that she even released her own line of hairstyling products.

Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett

Modern-day celebrities who have brought back this classic hairstyle

The shag may have fallen out of favor for a while, but it’s once again enjoying a resurgence thanks to some modern-day celebrities. One of the biggest proponents of the style is Taylor Swift. In recent years, she’s worn her hair in a shoulder-length shag with choppy layers and fringe bangs.

Taylor Swift shoulder-length shag
Taylor Swift

The style perfectly complements her retro-inspired aesthetic. Another celebrity who has been spotted rocking a shag is Alexa Chung.

alexa chung soft waves hair
Alexa Chung

The model and fashion icon has said that she loves how versatile the cut can be – it can be dressed up or down depending on how you style it. She’s worn hers with soft waves for an effortless look, or straightened it for a more polished finish.

Whether you’re looking for an edgy vintage vibe or just want something versatile and easy to manage, there’s no denying that the shag haircut has stood the test of time. Thanks to these iconic and modern-day celebrities, it’s sure to remain a popular choice for years to come.

Maintenance and Care for Your Shag Haircut

Trimming Frequency: How Often Should You Get Your Hair Trimmed?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when maintaining a shag haircut is to get regular trims. Unlike other haircuts, a shag can quickly lose its shape if left untrimmed for too long. So, how often should you get your hair trimmed?

It’s recommended that you trim your shag every 6-8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Another factor to consider is the length of your shag.

If you have a shorter shag, you might need to trim your hair more frequently than if you have a longer one. This is because shorter cuts tend to lose their shape more easily than longer ones.

Products to Use: Which Products Work Best for Maintaining Your Shag?

When it comes to maintaining your shag haircut, it’s essential to use the right products. One of the best products for a shag is texturizing spray or mousse.

These products can help enhance the layers in your cut and give your hair more volume and bounce. Another product that can be helpful is a serum or oil.

These products work well for taming frizz and keeping hair shiny and healthy-looking. It’s important not to overdo it with these types of products, as using too much can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy.

A good quality hairspray is always useful when styling a shag cut. Look for one that offers flexible hold rather than stiff hold so that you can manipulate your hairstyle throughout the day without ruining its shape.

Color Considerations: Should You Dye Your Hair with a Shag Cut?

If you’re considering dyeing your hair with a shag cut, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to choose the right color for your skin tone and personal style.

While shags can look great in any color, it’s essential to consider whether the shade you choose will complement your face shape and overall look. Another factor to consider is how often you’re willing to touch up your roots.

Shag haircuts tend to grow out quickly, so it’s essential to be prepared for regular trips to the salon if you decide on a bold new color. It’s important not to over-process your hair with too much dye or bleach.

This can damage your hair and make it difficult to maintain a healthy-looking shag cut. If you’re unsure about a particular color or technique, it’s always best to consult with a professional stylist before taking the plunge.


Shag haircuts are an amazing style that has stood the test of time. From its rise to popularity in the 70s to its current resurgence, shags have always been a go-to haircut for those who want to stand out.

The versatility of the cut allows it to be worn by people with different face shapes and hair textures, and it can be styled in different ways depending on the occasion. One of the key takeaways from this article is that shag haircuts require maintenance and care.

Trimming your hair regularly will help keep it looking fresh, while using high-quality products will help maintain its health and luster. Additionally, considering your face shape when getting a shag haircut can make all the difference in how it looks on you.

Another important point is that there are many variations of shag haircuts to choose from. Whether you want a choppy or layered look, a curly or straight style, or something in between, there’s a shag for everyone.

Additionally, both men and women can rock this classic hairstyle with confidence. If you’re looking for a timeless haircut that’s both versatile and edgy, look no further than the shag hairstyle.

With proper care and consideration for your personal style preferences, you’ll be able to wear this iconic look with confidence for years to come. So go ahead – embrace your inner rockstar and give this classic cut a try!

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