30 Best Hairstyles For Square Faces That Make You Look Pretty

If you have a square face shape, you can create a more balanced and softer appearance by choosing hairstyles that play up your best features and minimize those that might make your face appear even more angular. Here are some hairstyles that can work well for square faces:

  1. Soft Layers: Layers that start around the chin can help soften the jawline and create a more rounded look.
  2. Side-Swept Bangs: Long, side-swept bangs that hit just below the cheekbones can help draw attention away from the jawline and add some movement to the hair.
  3. Textured Bob: A chin-length bob with textured ends can help soften the angles of the face.
  4. Curly or Wavy Hair: Waves and curls can help add volume and movement to the hair, which can help balance a square face shape.
  5. Asymmetrical Cut: An asymmetrical cut with longer layers on one side can help create an illusion of length in the face and balance out square jawlines.
  6. Pixie Cut: A short pixie cut can help highlight the cheekbones and draw attention away from the jawline.

Remember, these are just some suggestions and what ultimately matters is finding a style that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. Consider consulting with a hairstylist to help you choose the best style for your face shape and hair type.

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